Monday, July 20, 2009

Live what you know

An insight from Sister Barker.
"I realized something as I prepared for a lesson yesterday. I remembered back to college for a moment and how I was always going to church activities, hanging out at the Institute all day and night and waking up early to go to mission prep, even extra hours sitting in firesides Sunday nights. Well, Why did I do all this??
Because I was seeking the SPIRIT to "always be with me." I know that phrase is true if we seek always to be with him. Even little things like the way we dress, things we say, or what we think about make a big difference when you add them all up. Oh Boy, Do the prophets and apostles know what they are talking about, or what!! We have a couple people that are getting baptized in a month that really don't understand these little things. And quite honestly I don't think I still really understand them, except I know they are commandments and I am happier when I live what I know. If only I could always remember that. Live what I know!"